Peeps Inspired Diorama

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Peeps Inspired Diorama

I2001 inspired Peeps candy diorama n honor of one of the most beloved and sicking of all Easter temptations, Peeps, the local newspaper is having a contest of Peep inspired dioramas. Here is my entry, “Open the Peep-bay doors Hal!”

I was going to fill up my full-scale 2001 helmet replica with them and title it “My God it’s full of Peeps!” But this one was too perfect and only needed two of the things. So, what am I to do with 3 dozen extra Peeps now?

To see some other entries in the contest, go here.

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  1. I hope you put the extra peeps in the freezer. The refrigeration acts as a dehumidifier, and the peeps will last longer than being out at room temperature.

    Also easier to resist eating too many at one time. For instance, you can schedule removing a half a dozen per week, per person.

    Finally, I might recommend switching from peeps to dark chocolate, the new health food, although that will make a much worse mess in your space helmet. “Mmmmm, it’s filled with chocolate!” Works better for me….


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