Why does the pick cursor float above my finger?

This is done so you finger doesn't cover up the object you are wanting to pick. Otherwise there might be several stars covered by your finger at once, so the system won't know which one you are interested in.

When will Distant Suns be available for ____ device?

We are continually developing new versions of Distant Suns for all kinds of devices. To be notified when new devices are supported is to follow us on Twitter  and sign up for our newsletter (on the Home page). Sadly, the ZX-80, Digicomp, and the Tokyoflash Kisai watch will not be supported.

Is Distant Suns still available for desktop computers?

Sorry, no. Originally released for the Commodore Amiga in 1987, Distant Suns has been available on almost every computer platform and operating system. After the iPhone was released, all development efforts have been concentrated on creating mobile apps. There are no plans to update or release new desktop versions.

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