Years and years ago, somewhere in the middle of 1985, I got a great idea for a little astronomy program for my new Commodore Amiga 1000. I prototyped it first as a 22 line basic program, and the proceeded to spend the next two decades “polishing it up a little.”

It has won the hearts of many users, and I still get email from time to time saying that Distant Suns was someone’s favorite program when they were in a) High School b) on their honeymoon, c) in prison.

After deciding that it was time to put the little bugger out to pasture along came this iPhone thing and I realized that this was the platform I’ve been waiting for all along, as I had always wanted to carry the universe around in my shirt pocket. So I dusted off the code and launched into the latest incarnation of Distant Suns. I have received emails from some longtime fans thanking me for keeping it going.

And I hope it will make some new fans and friends along the way.



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Mike Smithwick, creator of Distant SunsDistant Suns is primarily produced by a group of one – Mike Smithwick, the original author, and designer, under the informal name of “First Light Design.” Mike is available for contract work in C/C++/Java, focussing primarily in the 3D arena but can also handle server-side jobs, SDK and tool development, and much much more! Contact Mike.


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