Visit to Steve Job’s house

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Like many in the valley last week, I was saddened to hear of the loss of Steve Jobs. Someone who proved that good-enough wasn’t always good-enough. Considering that his home is only a few minutes away I had to go and see the tributes left for him. No doubt you may have seen similar shots on the news, but FWIW here are some of mine.

Steve Jobs memorial

There were three kinds of memorials people left: Apples (the fruit) with a note penned on the side (some apples with a bite out of them), cards and flowers. Sometimes all three. Everyone remarked at the apple trees in the yard, laden heavy with their latest crop.

Steve Jobs memorial - another view

There was not a huge crowd, only about 30 people at any one time. Some security types stood around, while the cross-street was partially blocked off.

I was wondering what the locals would think of all of us looky-loos. A couple of them were in the audience chatting with us visitors, and swapping stories about the family, in particular what a great Halloween party they would always throw for the local kids.

Steve Jobs house


A couple of miles down the road was the Apple store (#5 I think), on University avenue. Called “Steve’s Store” as he would show up from time to time. They to, had a makeshift memorial.

Steve Jobs memorial -  Palo Alto
The staff left some post-its and pens outside.

Steve Jobs memorial - Palo Alto - 2


A fitting tribute to someone who wanted to change the world for the better. And did.