The iPhone 4 first impressions

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The iPhone 4 first impressions



Okay, okay, more detail. We all know now about what the iPhone 4 holds, as a gazillion and a half reviews have already appeared. But I thought I could add a few extra details.

The Screen: OMG! Yes, it’s that good. Screen resolution has been the last real limitations in mobile platforms now since cpu, memory and battery issues are quickly fading away.  When I first saw the Droid in action, I knew that the next iPhone would have to compete with that. It’s screen was also very good compared to the now quaint 320×480 resolution of Apple’s devices. But once you see anything rendered in the iPhone 4’s display you will never be able to look at your iPods or older iPhones without at least a hint of eyestrain and remorse.

Plus the increase in contrast is also something to behold. A black background in the image seems to almost blend with the black border of the face. Take an iPhone 4, bring up the earth wallpaper and do the same with an earlier model. Compare the black around the earth. You’ll get what I mean. And this isn’t just a “yeah, I think its a little better…”, its more like “what the &^^#*@(??” better.


I never cared for the rounded shape of the iPhone 3G and GS. Yes, they were comfortable in the hand, but lost a lot of the cool factor for me. The more regular shape of the 4 is much classier looking all around. Not to mention that it is thinner. But what a lot of other sites haven’t said is that it is also narrower than previous entries by around 3 or 4 mm. Just enough to visually change the proportions such that it doesn’t look nearly as chubby as the other devices. It is a very nice and modern formfactor.

Antenna issues:

Yup, saw it almost the first time I played with the thing. I don’t know how the system interprets signal strength or quality, but the signal doesn’t immediately drop, it takes about 20 or 30 seconds to slowly creep down. And will do the same with you stop touching what you’re not supposed to touch.


Haven’t been able to do a definitive test, especially since my iPhone 3GS is now the iPod Touch 3GS, but there seems to be a definite improvement in the signal strength. In my condo my signal could go from 0 to 5 bars over only 10 seconds, and frequently I’d get “no signal”. I have yet to see “no signal”  over the past day. Right now it is only a single bar, but most of the time it’s been about 3 bars.

Apple nailed it on this one.