Still more Weird Crap in Mike’s place

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Still more Weird Crap in Mike’s place
handrails from the lunar module

LM Handrails on the carpet

handrails from the lunar module

Handrails on Earth

Since we’re in the High Holy week for space nerds everywhere as this being the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11, my Weird Crap is a pair of handrails from a lunar module. They don’t look like much, but they’re FREAKING HAND RAILS FROM THE FREAK’N LUNAR MODULE! I wasn’t sure on how to display them but then did this as the “porch” to the inner sanctum, the second floor in other words.


  1. Mike,

    How did you get those???. I’m reading a lot about Apollo missions and shuttles . that is really something.!!!


    amateur astronomer since 7th grade

    • From various auctions held each year. The stuff ain’t cheap, at least as compared to 20 years ago. But at the auction these were at, one could also get a Mercury spacesuit prototype and a LM leg.

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