Smile at Saturn Day: July 19

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Smile at Saturn Day: July 19

On  July 19, the Cassini probe currently orbiting Saturn will image Earth from nearly a billion miles away in true color. It is asked that all “be sure to smile, knowing that others around the world are smiling too, in the sheer joy of simply being alive on a pale blue dot.” And of course, aimed towards Saturn. Even if the earth is less than 2 pixels across.

From the Cassini imaging team:

“Straighten up, brush your hair, go outside, gather with friends and family, think a thought or two about the starkness of our whereabouts, the beauty of our home planet, the marvel of our existence and the magnificence of our accomplishments. And then … look up and smile.”

The solar-system from behind Saturn on July 19, 2013

The solar-system from behind Saturn on July 19, 2013

Not just Earth will be in the view, most of the other planets of the solar-system have their chance as well, except for Neptune.

With Distant Suns you can see exactly where Saturn will be at the appointed time in the afternoon for the US. It is just rising for the west coasters, but already pretty high in the sky for the easterners. And if you know exactly where to look you might be able to see it through a telescope at the appointed time. Good luck all!

Read more info about the event. 


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