If you’re interested in getting Distant Suns…

Posted by on April 2, 2010 in Distant Suns App, iPhone/iPad | 6 comments

Make sure to get the right version. There is the iPhone only, and the iPad/Universal variants. The link in the display to the right is the iPhone only version. For the iPad/Universal version go to:


Why to separate products? Due to many factors, Distant Suns for the iPad is currently a separate product from Distant Suns/iPhone, meaning no free upgrade for the time being. There was a lot of discussion on the boards about the benefits or problems of making apps “universal” (one app that runs on iPhone and iPad) or specific to the device.

We never had a good understanding as to how Apple was going to do things wrt placing universal apps in the store. For example, would they have their own category? Could the same app be posted in the iPad and iPhone stores or would we have to choose? Also, since Distant Suns for the iPad comes in at a little over 20 Megs for the download, a universal-only app could not be downloaded directly to a user’s handset making it more difficult to sell. When the dust settles, I’ll revisit the issue at some point, particularly if the download restrictions are changed or if I can figure out how to sidegrade my existing users at minimal cost.

So my apologies guys about having to pay twice for the “same” application.

UPDATE: iPad version 2.1.5 has just approved by Apple. This is a truly universal version. So for new customers, consider DS+ the iPad download.