Now it can be told…

Posted by on December 7, 2011 in Announcement | 0 comments

The reason why Distant Suns has not received too many upgrades over the past 6 months has to do with Apress contacting me to write two books. One on programming OpenGL on iOS and the other on Android. Over 6 months and countless Red Bulls later, the iOS version has just be released.

Pro OpenGL ES for iOS is now available from Amazon.

Now to complete the Android one, along with a nice Distant Suns enhancement at the same time.

For anyone wanting to get the eBook edition of OpenGL for iOS, note that the publisher inadvertently sent out a black&white copy, and not the color version as intended. Yes, it is really lame to have a book on GRAPHICS (!) in black&white. Note however that the version ODT (On Dead Tree) has to be in b&w just because ODT color books are way too expensive.