Nov. 13 Eclipse video (at last!)

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Nov. 13 Eclipse video (at last!)

I finally slogged my way home from Cairns, Australia, where I went to see the Nov. 13 eclipse. The WiFi was too crappy or expensive in most of the hotels that last thing I needed to do was upload a something to YouTube.

I shot two videos, one with my old iPhone 4 that had already been eclipse tested (for your safety) and hardened at the great Patagonia-almost-eclipse in 2010. The other was using my iPad-Mini.

Watch how the Moon’s shadow creeps in from the left. It is even more evident if you speed up the video  a little.

Note that the sensor for all three iOS devices still couldn’t handle the dynamic range of the scene at totality, even when using the HDR for stills with the iPhone 5.

Here’s part of my setup:

my Eclipse Setup iPhone my Eclipse Setup iPadMini