Have to give up your iPhone?

Posted by on December 24, 2010 in Distant Suns App, iPhone/iPad | 0 comments

Oh the horrors!

From time to time I receive an email from someone saying that for this reason or that reason they have to give up their iPhone for Andriod, Palm, (blackberry), Symbian (??) and will really miss Distant Suns, cuz it doesn’t work on Android, Palm. (blackberrt) or Symbian (??)

There are easy ways around that. Even though your iPhone won’t be able to make any more calls, doesn’t mean you can’t use as a glorified iPod/Touch. And you can still run Distant Suns or any other app you are fond of.

And what if you have one of the non-iOS devices and your friend shows up Distant Suns and you JUST GOTTA HAVE IT (EXCEPT MY ANDROID ONLY HAS THAT REALLY LAME GOOGLE-SKY THING!!) Relax, and buy yourself an iPod/Touch. You can get refurbished Touches from the Apple store or eBay. Although I’d splurge for the newest Touch with the Retina display goodness. DS really performs very well on that, and seems a little snappier than on the iPhone 4.