From the past to the future…

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The Lady Washington on San Francisco BayOn Columbus Day weekend we celebrate “Fleet Week” here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Navy ships in the areatake part in a parade of ships, followed by their smaller counterparts by the dozens. We are treated to a grand air show over the bay, culminating with the Blue Angels.

Instead of facing the traffic and parking problems the San Francisco is notorious for, I opted to go out on a boat. This “boat” was a wonderful recreation of a late-18th century two masted “Brig”.

Check when we got buzzed by a 747, video by my iPhone 4. and then by the Blue Angels.


What follows are a few shots of that glorious day. Due to their last minute schedule, the crew outnumbered the paying passengers 4 to 1. Nothing like having the Lady Washington all to ourselves on that balmy Saturday afternoon. A nice departure from iPads and XCodes….although my iPhone for was handy when the battery died on my Canon.

 Lady WashingtonLady Washington's mast.