Distant Suns (max) 3.4.1 uploaded to Apple

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Distant Suns (max) 3.4.1 uploaded to Apple

Distant Suns(max) aka, Distant Suns 3.4.0 was released today. I have been getting some scattered reports of What’s Up? behaving unkindly for some; I’ll have a fix into Apple tonight, and hope they can expedite their review.

Update: The new build is in Apple’s hands now.

Update Squared: Apple kindly expedited the review, taking less than a day. Thanks to them.

Update Cubed: I am getting some reports that people are being notified of the update, but when they go to fetch the app, they get a message that it doesn’t exist. Try a little later, as maybe the new build hasn’t had the time to get pushed to all of the iTunes servers around the world. I did wait two hours after Apple gave the go ahead. But obviously that wasn’t enough. 



  1. Like the software. Thanks for jumping on the WhatUp fix.

  2. Count me in on the list of those who have noticed that DS crashes when attempting to launch “What’s Up?”.

    May I also note that DS is not recognizing iPad orientation when starting up: DS always starts in Portrait Mode, and cannot be convinced otherwise until the iPad is physically rotated all the way to Portrait Mode, then back to Landscape (kinda a nuisance when the iPad is in a stand like the Haier Flex).

    Oddly enough, Navigon used to do this as well (and yes, I complained to them too); but since their last Update, it no longer does (meaning, I imagine, that this is not an Official iPad Quirk, like the one which automatically starts the Music App whenever a Powered Speaker Stand – like the Haier Flex; imagine that! – is attached to the Big Fancy Bottom Port).

    If it helps, I’m still using an iPad 2, but I’m running iOS 6 on it.

    Thanks, Mr. Smithwick; this is still the coolest Astronomy App on the planet.

  3. Tried to update my distant suns app on my iPad this morning but keep getting the message, the item you tried to bye is no longer available . Do you have problems with apple at the moment?

  4. I tried to download the most recent 9/28 update, but the App Store says the update is no longer acailable! What happened? When will this be rectified so I can get this badge off of my App Store icon?

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