Distant Suns (max) 3.4.9: In-app purchase issues

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Distant Suns (max) 3.4.9: In-app purchase issues

Some have reported store-problems with the in-app purchase of the new Hubble Guide Star catalog. It might be an Apple issue, as things worked fine in final test. I’ll be digging in tonight though.

Update: This has now been fixed.

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  1. Hi Mike !

    I just wanted to let you know that your recent update did in fact fix my Hubble guide star purchase problem.. !
    Thanks a lot for your help…I am sorry I couldn’t up with the testing as I could never find my iTunes ID.
    I noticed on your website that you are a NASA fan. My dad was an aerospace engineer and senior project manager for Rockwell International who was one a few primary contractors for the Apollo project. He worked very closely with NASA and knew wernher von braun , Dieter hazel and most of the others from Peenemunde quite well. I met a few myself.

    Have you been following what NASA saw on the moon on a lest one of the early Apollo missions…? That darn YouTube!

    Thanks again Mike,


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