Distant Suns licenses the real sky from God

Posted by on April 1, 2013 in Announcement, Distant Suns App, iPhone/iPad | 1 comment

Distant Suns licenses the real sky from God

First Light Designs announced today that they’ve licensed the real sky from the Almighty for use in the award winning astronomy program Distant Suns. Mike Smithwick, the author of the popular iPad app, says that the Lord will help integrate his unique ReST technology, Real Star Technology technology, into his own software over the next era. “While Apple’s devices have terrific capabilities on their own, it became necessary to reach out and find the best tech to stay on top of the market. And who has the best? The creator of the Heavens himself, of course.”

The license deal includes not only stars, nebula, but 2 million of the nearest galaxies,  complete with their central super massive black holes, as well.

“Getting the black holes into the codebase will be trickiest part. Early prototypes of the new software show the black holes as slowing up or even reversing the iPad’s own internal clock, along with everything else within about a 5 light-year radius of the user. Smithwick told the amusing anecdote of waking up one morning after a hectic night of coding, thinking it was Friday, when in fact it was actually Thursday, September 17, 1996. “As you can imagine, debugging spacetime paths can be tricky, especially if you go back in time before the iPad even existed. I had to relive those 17 years just to step to the next breakpoint.” He continued, “People expect their base-reference time-frame, to stay constant, especially in light of Apple’s embarrassing bug from last year’s iOS 6.1 update.”

“I can’t wait to get this out to my users. While the competition can only show pictures of the Whirlpool Galaxy, Distant Suns will give them the real galaxy. And that’s just cool.”

The new additions are expected to ready by next year as an in-app purchase. Pricing has not been announced.