Distant Suns 3.1.1 released

Posted by on September 17, 2010 in Announcement, Distant Suns App, iPhone/iPad | 0 comments

Good news, for all of you patient and kind Distant Suns types, 3.1.1 went up live to the Appstore last night fixing the compass bug that caused it to flip 180 degrees when in landscape mode. A  number of smaller things were tossed into the mix.

Some have reported the compass staying stuck on North. I see that at times but it goes away when I change my position by a few feet.. So I am convinced that it is an iPhone/iPad issue and not a Distant Suns issue.

Distant Suns 2 users, fret not, it is currently lised as “In Review” which means it should likely be out today.

Distant Suns-Lite folks, there’s also a refresh for that (1.4.0), adding in support for the iPhone 4’s Retina display. If you like it, please check out the paid versions, you might see some extra stuff there you’ll like.