Distant Suns 2.0.1 released to iTunes

Posted by on December 11, 2009 in Announcement, Distant Suns App | 2 comments

(Note! if you are having trouble updating, seeing the previous version even after getting the new one…That is an Appstore bug. Many other authors are seeing the same things with their package. Apple is looking at it).

Well well, Apple may be getting the message when it comes to app approval. When Distant Suns 2 was uploaded to Apple, it took 15 days for approval. That was a month ago. DS 2.0.1 was just approved and posted, when I uploaded it just last Monday night! Only 4 days!

The new version fixes two vexing bugs and adds two new features:

  1. The latitude and longitude buttons are no longer reversed.
  2. The preference for accepting Location Services is now back in place. It had been accidentally dropped off in 2.0
  3. There  is now Twitter support. For anyone who really wants to broadcast the minutia of their activities, can log into Twitter and have Distant Suns announce the first 3 objects they search for.
  4. It also supports APN. Apple Push Notification.