Attn: Android smartphone users of Distant Suns

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Attn: Android smartphone users of Distant Suns

If you have a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, the HTC  Desire, etc. and have purchased Distant Suns from the Amazon app store note, that it has only been tested and certified on the Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble NOOK. The reason being that it was a lot cheaper to target just two devices, then hundreds. When submitted to the Kindle appstore, I was allowed specify that it was only for tablets. Apparently the store ignores that. So if you have picked it up for your phone, whether it works or not, please let us know (and include the model of the phone). If the former, great! And we can check that off the list. If it doesn’t, bummer, and we can boost your device up towards the top of the list for testing.


  1. Why not in the normal app store? Google play?

    • It is in Googleplay now. We needed to get some configuration stuff cleared up to ensure it shows only for the devices we’re comfortable running on. Other devices will be added to the list as we get a chance to certify them. This is what “fragmentation” looks like.

  2. Bought DS(max) via app store on Amazon UK. For my Google Nexus7. And it works a treat. Thank you so much. My sister bought me the original Amiga version years back and then I bought the PC version 1. Which I ran for years until it no longer worked ie on 64bit vista.
    Looked on with interest when it made to the apples ipods/iPhones etc. But I don’t like apples locked down systems. So was over the moon 🙂 when Distant Suns made it to Android.
    It looks beautiful btw well done on you work its much appreciated.

    • Thanks Suhaib! Offerings of M&Ms are always welcome.

  3. I also loved Distant Suns on my Amiga 2000 way back in the 80’s when I lived in North Curl Curl, Sydney Australia.
    I echo SUHAIB’s comments and was astonished when I received Mike’s email today, hell, I’m off to Amazon now to grab it for my Samsung galaxy S2. I’m so happy that Mike is still involved with DS and want to thank him for remembering me…:)

    I’ll post back with the results of installing it on my phone.

    all the best Mike,

  4. Says it isnt available for my galaxy note 2…
    There is some irony in that somewhere.
    Hope this app is available soon

  5. Looking forward to seeing this on the galaxy note

  6. Works great on my HTC EVO 4G LTE (4.7″ screen 1280×720) although the text and icons are on the small size. Would recommend increasing the toolbar icons size a little and allow them to be scrolled side to side to select. Would be nice to have a setting to increase text and icon sizes to fit the screen just right. Maybe auto hide the toolbar and status bar or allow to turn either one off.

  7. If you develop a version to run on the Samsung Galaxy Mega – please let me know as I am running on Android. Thank you very much! Best wishes for 2014!

  8. I’ve used DistantSuns on a first generation iPad for years. I’ve since upgraded to android tablet, (Samsung Note 10.1). According to the description in the play store it says designed for phones. Curious how well it would run on the tablet or just stick with my iPad version.

    Fantastic app. Thanks so much for your efforts.

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