Distant Suns (VR) for iOS Astronomy App Released

App provides everyone with a personal planetarium

SAN JOSE, California, July 26, 2018 – First Light Design (Distant Suns) announces the release of Distant Suns (VR) for iOS. Sporting over a quarter-million stars, all constellations, galaxies and nebula, planets and major moons, Distant Suns (VR) is perfect for the whole family as a personal tutor to learn about the evening’s sky. With VR support, users are immersed in the heavens, free of the Earth to glide over the moon, rendezvous with Mars, watch Saturn eclipsing the sun. Distant Suns (VR) becomes your personal planetarium. Availability is immediate on the App Store.

Distant Suns is one of the longest-lived software titles continually published as well as one of the earliest titles posted on the App Store. It is also one of few quality solo-programmer apps from the Store’s earliest days.

“When I was a kid, every Friday evening I’d be at a local observatory or planetarium. I thought that someday I might have my own planetarium, invite people in, turn out the lights, and turn up the night. Now my dream has become a reality,” said Mike Smithwick, founder and president of First Light Design. “Distant Suns (VR) allows everyone to have their own personal planetarium.”

Smithwick added, “In addition, there is also a “secret’ Tesla tracker, so people can follow the journey of the only automobile in space at the moment.”

View the video trailers here.

About Distant Suns Astronomy App

Features include:

  • No Internet required. Just a sense of wonder.
  • With Virtual Reality mode, you can orbit the moon, fly over Saturn’s rings or gaze as the summer sky wheels lazily above your head
  • Nearly 8000 galaxies, nebula and star clusters
  • Over a quarter-million stars
  • Save out your favorites and cloud sync them with your other devices
  • Track which objects you’ve seen and those you want to see.
  • The What’s Up? Screen gives you an instant overview of the evening’s sky.
  • Delicate and realistic planetary renderings
  • The Moon map names hundreds of lunar features and Apollo landing sites.
  • Available for all iOS devices

About First Light Design
First Light Design, LLC, is a privately owned company. It first released Distant Suns for the Commodore Amiga in 1987, followed by versions for Macintosh and Windows. Recently, Distant Suns has partnered with NASA’s Night Sky Network and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to include local, United States listings of astronomical events and activities in the App. It has also partnered with the SETI Institute to provide real-time monitoring of Allen Telescope Array extraterrestrial targets. First Light Design is a proud member of Moms With Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers with family-friendly apps. Details about the company and its products can be found at Distant Suns.

Distant Suns is a trademark of First Light Design, LLC. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Media Contact:
Frank Colin

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