Distant Suns (+VR) – for iPad and iPhone

Sporting over a quarter-million stars, all constellations, galaxies and nebula, planets and major moons, Distant Suns (+VR) is perfect for the whole family as a personal tutor to learn about the evening’s sky. With VR support, you can immerse yourself in the heavens, free of the Earth to glide over the moon, rendezvous with Mars, watch Saturn eclipsing the sun. It is your personal planetarium.

  • No Internet required. Just a sense of wonder.
  • With Virtual Reality mode, you can orbit the moon, fly over Saturn’s rings or gaze as the summer sky wheels lazily above your head
  • Nearly 8000 galaxies, nebula and star clusters
  • Over a quarter-million stars
  • Save out your favorites and cloud sync them with your other devices
  • Track which objects you’ve seen and those you want to see.
  • The What’s Up? Screen gives you an instant overview of the evening’s sky.
  • Tear-off menus, resizable and draggable windows make for an easy to learn, yet powerful and customizable UI, with more to come. (iPad Only)
  • Delicate and realistic planetary renderings
  • The Moon map names hundreds of lunar features and Apollo landing sites.
  • All 88 constellations, regretfully. There are just some constellations that shouldn’t be! Fornax, the Furnace? Really? Is that the best they can do? How about Musca the house-fly? Why not a termite or dung beetle? And don’t get me started on Triangulum, the Triangle. Why don’t we just name every constellation The Triangle, or Box or maybe The Line. A lot easier to remember and say than Camelopardalis. “Hey son, there’s the constellation The Triangle! And over there, Mars is in the constellation The Triangle. Did ya see that neat star cluster in the Southern Triangle next to The Line?
  • From zero to WOW is just one tap away.
  • Available for all iOS devices

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Earth as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

Orion as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

M42 as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

Earth in VR as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

Saturn as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

Tesla in route as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

What's Up? Screen in Distant Suns (VR)

screen shot of DS (+VR) night vision

Favorite items as seen in Distant Suns (VR)

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