Jubal Early’s costume from Firefly

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Jubal Early’s costume from Firefly

We here at DSWHQforGD (Distant Suns World HQ for Global Domination) get a lot of interesting things in the mail. No astronomy app developer should be without at least one “space helmet” to dress up the dump. Can anyone guess what movie or TV show this is from? If so, you’ll receive a handsome “prize” (meaning I’ll find some piece-of.some worthy item around here I want to get rid of).

Give up? Okay. The helmet and backpack were from the last aired episode of Firefly, Objects in Space. They were worn by Jubal Early. I didn’t get the red suit, just the hardware. I imagine the suit was a very nice set of biker leathers so more useful than a fakey space helmet.

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  1. Iron Man! Okay, I give up. It looks retro so I looked up all my favorite 70’s and 80’s movies and TV series but couldn’t find it. I hope you tell at some point 🙂

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