Distant Suns (max) issues in the Amazon store

Posted by on October 30, 2012 in Android, Announcement, Distant Suns App, Kindle | 3 comments

Distant Suns (max) issues in the Amazon store

It looks like ┬ásome people have been blocked from getting Distant Suns(max) from Amazon’s appstore even if they have the Kindle Fire. They’re getting a message that the app is incompatible with their device. I have a support ticket filed with Amazon, so hope to get this fixed up shortly.

The classic version seems ok though.


  1. Bought Distant Suns for our Kindle Fires and have loved it. We replaced one with a Kindle Fire HD and find we will need to spend more bucks to get the Max version since the old version doesn’t seem to work. Bummer!

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am very pleased with the Distant Suns App on my kindle HD. However, I try to set my location with altitude and Longitude (I am in Mogadishu, Somalia – brilliant night skies!), using the “Set Lat/Long”, the dial comes up but it won’t let me reset any Lat/Long – what can be done to get the correct lat and Long put in, and be sable to change it when i travel to other locations?


  3. i have owned and enjoyed, the cd sdistant suns oftware for many years; and since just purchasing android cell phone (samsung galaxy NoteII) and not sure what versin is best, i use kindle producys. thank you. i did receive message when trying to load android max , is classic good to go on android?

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