Distant Suns and iOS 11

Posted by on September 28, 2017 in Announcement, Distant Suns App | 4 comments

Distant Suns and iOS 11

I’ve received a couple of reports that Distant Suns-Max and iOS 11 don’t play well together, and while I can use the excuse “IWoMM” (It Works on My Machine), I’ve touched up a couple of things that may have caused the issues. I’ve been working on a new version for nearly 3 years now, and just haven’t paid much attention to the existing versions. Fear not! I haven’t abandoned it!

The DSM fix will also include a new texture map for Pluto from the New Horizon’s spacecraft as well.


  1. Always the best program, Mike!

    • Oh, I know! I hope it can stay that way.

  2. Is distant suns lite still supported. It is no longer required apple app site and the iOS reports that it will not work when I update to ios11?

    If not what is its replacement?

    • Hi Yedidyah, I haven’t decided yet on if I should create a new Distant Suns (lite) or not. At one time I had 5 variants of DS and that absorbed too much time to support. There is no current free-version that can act as a replacement.

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