Distant Suns Lite (iOS)

Sporting a database of thousands of stars, nebula and galaxies, Distant Suns has earned the reputation of both having one of the most realistic displays of the night sky, while being one of the easiest to use astronomy programs available for the most casual sky watcher and serious telescope jockey alike.

The Universe just got, well…uh…”smaller.”

  • Thousands of pinpoint stars scintillating like diamond dust in the palm of your hand (but not nearly as scratchy)
  • Realistic ghostly band of the Milky Way
  • Astronomy magazine news ticker shows up-to-date space and astronomy news
  • All 88 constellations with articles on their mythology
  • All 9 planets (yes, we feel that little Pluto got a bad rap so in the Distant Suns universe it is still a planet)
  • Sun and Moon
  • GPS aware
  • What’s Up? Gives a quick snapshot overview of where all of the important stuff is
  • Easy one-handed operation.
  • Point and Identify mode reveals the hidden data for each of the stars, planets and deep-sky wonders
  • Up to date Planetary data
  • Best tech support in this and parallel universes

What features do the paid versions have that Distant Suns Lite doesn’t?

  • Universal version so it runs on both the iPhone and iPad (Distant Suns 3 only)
  • The ability to change date/time and accelerate time to study the heavenly motions
  • Augmented reality viewing overlays the sky with your local landscape
  • Current stars and solar systems being monitored by the SETI Institute’s Allan Telescope Array, as it listens for possible extraterrestrial civilizations
  • View from the Earth or out in the solar systemCompass aware (iPhone/iPad only). Simply aim and gaze.
  • Over 300,000 pinpoint stars scintillating like diamond dust in the palm of your hand
  • Integrated with NASA’s Night Sky Network space events in your area (US only at present)
  • Up to 300,000 stars, down to magnitude 10
  • Mythical figures for all constellations
  • The ability to fine tune the star’s sizes and images from simple to stunning
  • Be able to filter out dimmer stars to match your local sky
  • Compass support for iPhone 3GS, 4 and the iPad. Just aim the phone at the sky and see what you’re looking at
  • Nightvision mode keeps your eyes dark-adapted when outside at night
  • Smoothly slews to each object when selected
  • Limits the current-event alert to one showing
  • Additional landscape images
  •  Third toolbar for ease of navigationExtra in-depth data about each object
  • Plus more

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